About Tre' Lynn

Who is Tre' Lynn?....Well...... Tre' (Our eldest son) and Lynn (My lovely wife) are the back bone and support system of this business and I felt absolutely compelled to make them "my business". It's enjoyable to have my family with me in business and it's important for others to know my family is important to me... Besides, Tre' Lynn sounds a lot better than "Rob Morton Photography", (lol) and speaking of me;


I am a New Jersey native and self-taught photographer. All my life I have been inspired by the beauty of the world around me, be it in movies, art, literature, magazines or the window of a moving vehicle. I've always looked at life through a lens.


I discovered photography in 1983 and I have been heavily addicted to it ever since. Working my way around the camera taught me the vast and wonderful ability and skill of taking what I saw with my own eye and turning it into something magnificent for my client.


I have been fortunate enough to have a partial client list that includes:

The Besty List, Style in A Nutshell, Maserati, Dolce & Gabana, Gucci, Couture Closet, NYC Couture Fashion Week, Southwest Air Lines, Color Me Stylish, Morgan State University, KAS Collections Inc., Ashea Hair Care Products, The Tyler Wells Collection, Kustom Looks Clothier, Kustom Events, The Baltimore Ravens, Viola Ricci, The John Ashford Collection, ZEPHORAHnuré, The Miss Chinese America Pageant, Penn State, VCU, University of Maryland, and a variety of others.


My work has been published in magazines worldwide including: Vogue Italia, More Magazine, Council Communications, POSH, LeBook, Zephorah, Video Hair Magazine, The Business of Professional Modeling and more.


I look forward to meeting you soon.


"Inspiration Is Found Where Beauty Dwells".


Tre' Lynn